“Short Fiction,” Thomas Riggs & Company, Missoula, Montana

Reference Guide to Short Fiction
Developed by Thomas Riggs & Company, Missoula, Montana
St. James Press, 1998

From the Editor’s Note:
“Now in its second edition, the Reference Guide to Short Fiction provides critical coverage of 376 writers of short stories and novellas. Of these authors, almost all were born after 1750. The earliest writer in the book, born in 1313, is Giovanni Boccaccio, who in 1348 in Florence witnessed the sickness, death, and social isolation caused by the plague, an experience that led to his most famous work, Decameron (Ten Days). In contrast, the youngest entrant, A. L. Kennedy, was born in Scotland in 1965. Night Geometry and the Garscadden Trains, her first collection of short stories, won the Saltire Award for Best First Book and was published when Kennedy was just 25 years old.

Although the majority of the book’s entrants wrote their stories in English, more than a third wrote in other languages, such as French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Czech, Russian, Bengali, Urdu, Chinese, and Japanese. Reflecting this, the entrants have a wide range of nationalities. More than a quarter, or 109, of the entrants are American or Canadian, while about 20 percent, or 76, are listed as British, English, Scottish, Welsh, or Irish. The remaining entrants span the globe: 56 from continental Western Europe, 32 from Eastern Europe and Russia, 16 from Africa and the Middle East, 29 from Asia, 28 from Australia and New Zealand, 1 from Samoa, and 29 from Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America.” (Thomas Riggs & Company, Missoula, Montana).

Founded in 1995, Thomas Riggs & Company is a book developer and publisher based in Missoula, Montana. It has won numerous awards, including Booklist Editors’ Choice and the American Library Association’s RUSA.

The Manifesto in Literature, 2nd edition, St. James Press, 2013

Edited by Thomas Riggs & Company, Missoula, Montana

From the Editor’s Note:
“The Manifesto in Literature, a three-volume reference guide, provides critical introductions to 300 manifestos throughout the world. As manifestos, all the works share a common trait. They challenge a traditional order, whether in politics, religion, social issues, art, literature, or technology, and propose a new vision of the future.” (Thomas Riggs & Company)
“Bringing together myriad works in more than a dozen fields of study, The Manifesto in Literature is a fascinating resource. The introduction announces that the volumes’ central claim is that Marx and Engels’s “Manifesto of the Communist Party” introduced “a document intent on stating publicly—on making manifest—a set of rules or beliefs.” The volumes look both backward and forward, including documents from, respectively, the 16th century to 1900, 1900 to WII, and the postwar period to the present. Most of the documents included—poetry, novels, paintings, works in philosophy—are of Western origin; the few contributions from non-Western regions are in some way focused on the West. The volumes include numerous wonderful writings—many well-known, many obscure. The depth and breadth of material collected in these volumes compels the reader to ask questions and seek answers; for that alone it is worthwhile. Summing Up: Highly recommended.”
Choice, 2014
“Overall, these gorgeous, handsomely packaged volumes [The Literature of Autobiographical Narrative, The Literature of Propaganda, and The Manifesto in Literature] are reminders why print reference books are still being produced. All three sets are interesting and offer unique information, and they will be useful to a wide range of users. Recommended for all types of libraries.”
Booklist, 2013

Founded in 1995, Thomas Riggs & Company is a book developer and publisher based in Missoula, Montana.